Cryotechnology is a growing science that continues to make a big impact across various industries. The industrial and transportation sectors are just a couple of fields that make use of these innovations regularly. Applied Cryo Technologies is a leading name when it comes to these kinds of products.

With a versatile inventory line, an impressive list of certifications, and a reputation as one of the leaders in cryotech, ACT has been a driving force in the continued use (and improvement) of cryo-based machines and devices.

About ACT: A Driving Force in Houston

Given the presence of an industry expert like ACT, Houston is a central location for news and technology regarding the field of cryo.

Despite being an organization based around groundbreaking technologies that further the efforts of multiple industries, the company bases their strategy on customer service. Their approach is not to invest in new innovations for the sake of it, but rather to harness cryotech in a manner that fits the necessary applications of their customer base.

The organization was founded by Bob Ernull, Tim Lowrey, and Jack Smith. The combined efforts of engineering experts, operational managers, and customer-service experts helped ACT become a trusted source for many clients.

What Are ACT’s Company Foundations?

ACT operates on a number of company foundations that fuel not only their approach to innovating new technologies, but to helping their customers translate these products into positive results.

Given that cryotechnology is so intricate and that the smallest changes can impact its performance, the company’s corporate culture emphasizes each employee’s role in product quality. The company has strived to achieve accountability by staffing their team with top talent. The current staff has over 200 years of combined experience between them.

ACT functions as both a manufacturer and engineering firm from a functional standpoint, acting as an extension of their clients’ engineering departments. ACT maintains a focus on research and development, focusing on using their cryogenic tanks and distribution systems to optimize payloads and increase efficiency.

With a combination of market research, field data, and customer feedback, ACT has made many major innovations in the field of cryotech and geared their decisions toward what the market wants. The organization has even offered turn-key solutions, helping companies gain top-notch cryo equipment that translates well into their operations.

A Versatile and Effective Line of Products

ACT’s product lines include everything from cryogenic trailers to storage devices for the oil and gas industries. Some popular cryogens include liquid oxygen, liquid natural gas, liquid argon, and liquid nitrogen. Cryo fluids are gases that have been liquified at a very low temperature. They are not only useful in the areas of industrial development and transportation, but also in medicine and chemistry.

ACT makes trailers designed for transporting cryogenic gas. The vacuum-insulated trailers are created to be versatile, allowing for operation in any region and under a variety of conditions. There are also mobile storage options, making it easy to transport gas even in large amounts. The large capacities help ensure ACT has the stock necessary to meet customer demand, and helps with their company logistics.

The tanks can be mounted to trucks with ease, providing a safe and secure trip no matter how far the gas is being transported. Other devices like offshore skids, vaporizers, heat exchangers, and pumping equipment make it easy to store and deploy nitrogen in a variety of conditions. Using these specially made devices, companies can work with cryogenic technology safely and efficiently.

Certifications That Help Build Trust

Working with cryotech can be dangerous unless things are handled properly. This doesn’t just mean the clients have to be careful – it means those selling and transporting these products should exercise extreme care as well.

In order to help build a corporate culture of trust and transparency, ACT has worked to acquire numerous certifications in their field. These credentials help them prove their products are safe, and add a degree of reliability that long-term clients appreciate when they need quick cryo products they can depend on.

ACT has received certifications from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Department of Transportation, the Railroad Commission of Texas, and many more reputable organizations.

How Cryo Techs Translate into Results

Cryo technologies have helped provide new power sources in situations where conventional options fall short. Cryo gases are more stable in certain situations, making them well suited at heavy-duty plants or in largescale machinery.

Cryo technology can also be used to help promote precision and stability in many situations, making it a top choice in chemical-based applications. The power of cryo technology holds great promise for the future, offering a chance for advancements in everything from aerospace to healthcare.

ACT has helped provide the products, maintenance, repairs, and innovative breakthroughs the cryo industry depends on. Their continued progress helps sustain large businesses around the country.

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