Ecoparadise is a company headquartered in Japan that strives to help people reclaim their health through a natural, holistic approach. Instead of taking a pill or drinking a shake, Ecoparadise offers healing hot bed spa sessions and products that can be used to purify their environment as well as their bodies.

Ecoparadise has developed a process they refer to as “deoxidation,” which is used to rid the body of free radicals. While “deoxidation” is a word created by the company, we in the United States could refer to these as antioxidant treatments. Antioxidants are molecules that protect our bodies from the damage done by free radicals, such as cigarette smoke and other air pollutants. Contact from these free radicals can cause problems like:

  • Premature aging of the skin;
  • Compromised immune system;
  • Allergies;
  • Asthma or other breathing problems;
  • High cholesterol

Excessive exposure to toxins and free radicals has even been linked to cancer, kidney failure and type 2 diabetes.

Deoxidation Therapy

People visit Ecoparadise’s rejuvenation centers for deoxidation therapy. At the spa, customers are given robes and towels, as well as a locker they can use to hold their clothes. During the treatment, a person lies on a specially-made ceramic bed designed to continuously remove negative ions. The room they’re in is kept very warm, at 45 degrees Celsius (which is 113 degrees Fahrenheit), and the humidity level is between 25% and 35%. This makes for a warm, steamy room, but the conditions are unable to breed harmful bacteria. The temperature doesn’t appear to bother visitors – rather, it is intended to help with relaxation while toxin leave the body through perspiration. One visitor likened it to the temperature in a hot yoga room, but without the drying effects on the skin.

While in the hot bed therapy room, people are provided with the spa’s own special ionized water so they can stay hydrated. Cell phones, music, and other electronic devices are not permitted in the rooms. Instead, people are encouraged to relax and de-stress as much as possible. One session lasts around forty minutes, but if the customer feels relaxed and energized early, they can leave before their time is up.

The purpose of the hot bed session is to detoxify your body, and improve both your metabolism and blood circulation. You essentially sweat out the bad stuff and replace it with ionized fluid. It is encouraged that you visit the spa as often as you need to; Ecoparadise offers package deals for visitors who intend to return on a regular basis.

Benefits of Deoxidation

While Ecoparadise doesn’t make many widespread claims about what they can do, many of the testimonies posted on their website do. Customers have experienced a number of positive reactions such as:

  • Relief from body aches and pains;
  • Clearer skin;
  • Weight loss;
  • Lower blood pressure;
  • Increased energy; and
  • Rapid healing of sores and other skin conditions.

Some patients claim that the deoxidation sessions have cured their serious illnesses, such as cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Ecoparadise Products

The company also sells certain products that promise to continue the work of removing toxins and producing a healthier environment. Many of the materials they use, such as plastic and certain fibrous materials, have been treated with enzymes that further the deoxidation process. Products include:

  • A plastic pail that can ferment foods faster, allowing it to become an ideal container for making foods like yogurt or miso paste. You can also use it as a storage bucket for compost or even dirty laundry – the enzymes help the bucket reduce unsatisfactory odors.
  • Bedding materials, like a mattress pad, cushion, or quilt. All of these claim to stimulate blood circulation as you sleep and repel bed sores. They also help reduce dust and bacteria, and are comfortable enough to use year-round.

Ecoparadise in the Environment

As per the company’s promise, Ecoparadise products can be found outside of their spas as well. Over 1,200 contractors in Japan have committed to using their environmentally friendly construction materials when building homes and commercial structures. Ecoparadise has a variety of enzyme-rich solutions to choose from:

  • Ionized water
  • Floor sealant
  • Solution that can be mixed with paint or drywall spackle
  • Wax for wood floors
  • Sealant for concrete and finished walls

Not only do the products make the air cleaner and healthier, they also improve the lifespan of the building’s paint and materials.


This product is developed from a mix of enzymes, sodium carbonate, and recycled soybean oil. It comes in two variations:

  • P-Gro Agriculture: Use this plant food to stimulate growth on your garden. Fruit and vegetable plants bear food faster, and trees can grow tall more quickly.
  • P-Gro Hotel: Not just for hotels, this cleaning solution naturally removes tough stains on many surfaces, including leather, metal, and ceramic. It can even tackle rust, glue, and mold. P-Gro also works to neutralize odors, so even the harshest chemical smells are eliminated.

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