Right now, there are presently around 7.6 billion people living on this green world. Out of that preposterous amount, 325.7 million of those souls reside in America, spread out across our fairly large nation. We’re third in the world when it comes to population, trailing nearly by a billion behind India and China. While we might be behind, we’re continuing to grow year after year.

The point we’re making is that the growth of our nation’s population subsequently means other things will grow with it, namely our cities. As more and more people take up residence in our cities, the makeup of those urban centers changes. Job growth, income, population, and living quality are a few of what are factors in what make cities appealing.

Because of this, every year the charts that determine the fastest growing cities in America change.

What Makes These Cities Grow?

fastest growing cities in america

The Census Bureau keeps track of the fastest growing cities in America pretty accurately, compiling the greatest population growth centers into a list. While basic percentage growth between years is the primary reason that these cities make the list, the better question is: why? What makes these cities grow?

When compiling this list of the fastest growing cities in America, we’ll be analyzing more than just population. We’ll also be considering other factors that make these cities attractive.

  • Income: Cities have an income growth that’s generally associated with its population, job market, and quality of living.Seeing how much these cities are growing income-wise is also important.
  • Job Market: The job markets in these cities can’t be stagnant and must be showing that more opportunities are consistently popping up regularly and yearly.
  • Living Quality: Rent, pricing, gas, and basic affordability factor into why these cities are being flocked to. California is a great state, but compared to states like Texas its cost of living is generally much higher.

American urban centers are complicated, living beings. As the national population makeup changes, with new generations coming of age, immigrants entering the population mass, and quality of cities shift, so do weight of our population centers.

Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities in America

The census report is accurate as of May 24, 2018. It won’t be until several more months that we get an update of what are the new fastest growing cities in America. For our purposes, this list contains the changes tracked between 2016 and 2017.

1. San Antonio, TX

san antonio texas

You’ll probably notice that Texas bears a striking majority of the cities on this list. In recent years, the South has been gaining a population influx. The heart of Texas has been gaining attention, and none more so than San Antonio.

San Antonio the year at a whopping population count of 1,511,946, an increase of 1.6% from their 2016 population. And they’re only expected to grow from here. San Antonio has taken their enormous growth in stride as they’ve begun planning accommodations to receive newcomers.

The South is attracting more and more people across the nation. San Antonio just happens to stand out because it sits in the wheelhouse of the state. All within proximity are fast-growing cities, including New Braunfels, San Marcos, and Austin, sat in a web of quality living, opportunity, and sustained growth.

2. Phoenix, AZ

phoenix arizona

In the hot dry climate of Arizona, Phoenix has begun growing as a metropolis. Their most recent population clocks in at 1,626,078, a 1.5% increase from the previous year. They were only a hair behind San Antonio in total new residents.

While some may find the weather buffeting, you can’t say Phoenix is lacking in sun. With relatively consistent weather year-round, its enticement is only bolstered by its reputation. Compared to coastal areas on the East and West coasts, the cost of living is affordable in the desert. Its living standards draw a retiree crowd, while its fronting University of Phoenix draws a younger, college-bound crowd.

Its quality of living, combined with a thriving job market and increasing yearly income, marks Phoenix as a good place to settle down. That is, as long as you enjoy the heat. You’re going to have a lot of it.

3. Dallas, TX

dallas texas

The second Texas-based city to make this city is none other than the home of the Cowboys. Though not quite as large as Phoenix or San Antonio, it’s still a large city with a population of 1,341,075. Since 2016, they’ve experienced a 1.4% increase in population. While not quite as large in basic numbers, it’s still a pretty decent influx.

Besides drawing your average Cowboys fan, Dallas offers a lot more than just football for new arrivals. Besides a thriving sports culture, it plants itself as a destination permanent residence due to having one of the best housing markets in the nation. Families and professionals are being drawn to this city because it can offer the start to a new life.

The job market, housing situation, and overall quality of living markets Dallas as an excellent place to live. Its fair weather, with enough rain to dampen the soul without drowning it, keeps the temperatures down. Dallas maintains a sublime combination of big-city living and a comfortable suburban sprawl.

4. Fort Worth, TX

fort worth

The third Texas city to take a spot as one of the fastest growing cities in America, its population has grown by 2.1% to 874,168. While it’s not quite as dense as some on the list, it’s had a large influx of new population in comparison to its total population.

While it’s in pretty close proximity to Dallas, Fort Worth has distinguished itself as a destination city with a rich cultural heritage combined with high living quality and a thriving job market. Being a neighboring city to Dallas allows residents to enjoy the thrills of the larger city without needing to hash it out with the less desirable aspects of a major urban center.

The job market alone is rich enough to readily provide opportunities for anyone looking for new work. Its concentration of Fortune 500 companies creates an appealing atmosphere. Combined with quaint neighborhoods, affordable living, and friendly environment, it’s an excellent location to look into.

5. Los Angeles, CA

los angeles california

The densest city in America, with an astounding population of 3,999,759, has maintained the shine as the pearl of America and notes an increase of 0.46% in a year.

Los Angeles needs little introduction to why it’s such an attraction to people. It’s a city of culture, dreams, hope, and Hollywood stardom. In comparison to most of the other cities people move to, Los Angeles is a little bit harder to live in. Being one of the fastest growing cities in America doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great place to live. California is expensive, and Los Angeles is no exception.

While the quality of living may not be the highest, Los Angeles is growing because it, like New York, is one of America’s biggest cities in name, population, and reputation. People travel to Los Angeles because it’s Los Angeles. It’s full of life, sights, and stars. If there’s one thing that Los Angeles does not lack, it’s opportunity.

The weather is pretty darn nice, too. But, most importantly, its vibrant culture provides nigh endless new experiences.

6. Seattle, WA

seattle washington

Up in the North-West corner of America sits Washington, where Seattle is its pride and joy. As of 2017, it’s experienced a tremendous 2.47% increase in population, totalling 724,745 souls residing in the city limits. While not the largest city, it’s gaining momentum with a quickly growing population.

If you love cloudy skies, then that’s Seattle’s calling card. Besides having a Starbucks around every corner, Seattle is known for its gorgeous scenery and temperate climate. The nature of this climate rubs off on its culture, raising a peaceful atmosphere that provides the most appeal for potential newcomers.

It isn’t the most affordable place to live, certainly not in comparison to the South. The cost of living is a little higher than some may find, but supports it with a strong, opportunity-ridden job market. The city is full of younger crowds, drawn by large-scale companies.

Seattle may not be the first-choice for families looking for a new home, but opportunities support a high-income living circle. If you’re able to afford it, Seattle meshes nature with the city in ways most other cities don’t.

7. Charlotte, NC

charlotte nc

The East hasn’t had a lot of love when it comes to population growth. Charlotte is among the fastest growing cities in America, growing 1.8% to 859,035.

Charlotte is a mix of old and new. Its charm features historical buildings and fits classical tones, but prides itself on becoming a growing urban area. It features extremely affordable living without seeming cheap, with a burgeoning job market and high quality of living.

The city is a melting pot, to say the least. It’s a place of culture, with an enticing restaurant scene, intriguing living quality, and a bit of southern charm. It may be in an eastern state, but it wears a country atmosphere.

8. Columbus, OH

columbus ohio

Cities that market themselves as college-towns carry a certain reputation. That doesn’t change the fact that Columbus has had a population increase of 1.7% to a total of 879,170 people.

If you’re going to move to a college town, Columbus may be the one for you. The University of Columbus plays a critical role in the city’s economy, supplying job opportunities and helping supplement the culture and experiences the city has to offer. Columbus has a bit of everything: arts, sports, music, bars, you name it. Because of this, it draws a young crowd, but maintains an affordability for any newcomers.

9. Frisco, TX

frisco texas

Frisco is a little bit of a surprise. It’s the fourth and last Texas city, but it also has the smallest population by far compared to the other entrants. As of 2017, its total population is 177,286, the end of an increase of an incredible 8.2% growth. If nothing else, it certainly deserves a spot as one of the fastest growing cities in America.

So, what makes Frisco appealing? For starters, it abides by the Texas tradition of providing affordable housing with great living quality. It’s a safe city, perfect for families looking for a place to call home. With a vibrant nightlife, variety of restaurants, and rapidly growing job market, Frisco offers everything larger cities do without the same density.

10. Atlanta, GA

atlanta georgia

Atlanta’s the final qualifier for the fastest growing cities in America. While it may still be on the smaller end of the scale compared to some of the monoliths on this list, its population of 486,290 is nothing to shake a stick at. Between 2016 and 2017, Atlanta saw a fairly considerable population growth of 2.8%.

Atlanta captures the charm that draws people to the South. But the culture may not be enough. If not, Atlanta is the blend of culture and commerce, country and urban, that makes it a desirable place to live. With an abundance of trees, coupled with a gorgeous river coursing through the city center, Atlanta’s appeal is only heightened by its culture.

While it may not be the cheapest place to live, it’s fair for being an urban center, and ensures a steady job market combined with decent income.

Final Thoughts

fastest growing cities in america

Having the title of “fastest growing city in America” doesn’t necessarily make it one of the best cities to live in. Every city has their own quirks and flaws that turn prospective newcomers away. However, they all have something that makes them worth moving to. Whether that something be affordability, opportunity, or a good change in scenery, these cities all have desirable aspects that make them grow.

If nothing else, the number of people that live in these cities speak for themselves.

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