The workforce has always been dividable into certain subsegments, each quantifiable in its own way.

It’s only natural that the representation of each gender in the workforce has been analyzed over the years. This is usually done by labor organizations who want to see exactly how workplace demographics fall in different areas and across different industries.

While men and women have been noted as choosing different career paths and thus achieving unique results, women have taken a more proactive approach to securing their future in the workforce throughout recent years.

The presence of women across various industries, especially in high-ranking positions, has increased over time. As the digital revolution has become this generation’s industrial revolution, more women are also becoming involved with budding tech developments.

Futurists are those who take an interest in developing and refining the technologies that could improve the world of tomorrow. What may be viewed as an odd prospect now could become a common convenience in a short period – so long as there are people around to explain how to use the technology and teach others about it.

Futurists and future-minded women are changing the world for individuals, communities, and businesses alike.

Understanding the Concept of Futurism

The future is always seen as a distant, far-off abstraction. By the time it gets here, it’s the present. But every second preparing for the future makes it easier to adapt to.


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This shows the relation between technology and the workforce. Those who understand how the world is changing and how industries will change to follow along can better prepare for the labor needs of the future. This makes it easier for anyone in any labor demographic to find their way into a better job and pave the way for others to do the same.

It’s easy to see why women in the workforce, especially in the tech industry, would take an interest in the future. By anticipating everything from tech breakthroughs to industry behavior, women have secured their place in many positions of authority.

Based on a combination of education and experience, many women have developed a detailed understanding of fields and concepts. Their dedication to this understanding has given them an advantage, and many are using it to pursue life-saving and industry-overhauling technologies that could benefit all women and all individuals for that matter.

The Women Leading the Way Toward the Future

Many women have taken on various tasks including research, work, activism, education, and numerous other ends to help make the world a better place for women and for all people.

Terry Grim is a good example. She started out as an employee of IBM, showcasing her deep understanding of technology. Now she combines everything from analytics to engineering in hopes of encouraging more women to join the STEM field. She’s also promoted the idea of women getting involved in writing science fiction and believes a world more sensitive to feminine values will be more welcoming to women no matter what they choose to do.

Cindy Frewen knows a lot about futurism as well. She’s worked on urban planning scenarios and has promoted the idea of communities embracing renewable technologies like sustainable agriculture or solar and wind power. She’s looked forward far enough to devise 100-year scenarios and has consistently echoed the benefits of considering nature when it comes to building civilization.

Yvette Montero Salvatico is one half of Kedge, a consulting agency specializing in foresight and planning. Working as the futurist for entertainment juggernaut Disney, Montero Salvatico has trained plenty of people and promoted futurism through strategic learning and HR organization. She notes that helping both women and men understand the future as something they can direct and control is a great way to get them more interested.

Jennifer Gidley serves as a professor at the Institute for Sustainable Futures and has put forth plenty of research on how women can prepare for tomorrow. A critic of the current schooling model and its factory-style setting, she’s stated that a better approach to learning with more integration can better prepare students for a rapidly changing world.

How Will the Far Future Be Affected?

It’s easy to look at the work done by women in the area of futurism and guess how things will look ten or even one-hundred years from now because of them.

However, as it pertains to the far future, as in a time period beyond what anyone living today is likely to see, the major changes futurists are promoting could have the biggest impact. Beyond changing industries and education, changing the way people think about them could have the biggest result.

Consider how the current take on the workforce and schools has shaped the world – when these things are altered or even overhauled, the world of the future could look extremely different.



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