People can do a lot with their cars these days without ever having to lay a hand on them.

They can unlock their doors and start their engine remotely, as well as get a number of helpful insights from their vehicle’s technical systems.

While these are impressive feats, the development of smart cars may have just begun. Soon a person will be able to send a car on a journey by itself, and see it reach the destination without the need for a human driver behind the wheel.

This type of technology has been in the developmental phase for years. Technologies like auto-alert backup cameras and autopilot have already scratched the surface of what smart technology can do for the automotive industry.

Now that the market is clear and its understood how self-driving cars could be a potential goldmine if they’re refined properly, more big names have gotten involved in the field.

What are the top prospects for self-driving cars? Which names and models are leading the field? And how much further do autonomous vehicles have to go before they become a common sight on the roads?

Finding Self Driving Cars for Sale is Much Easier

A combination of research, technical developments, and market demand have all created the perfect storm to kickstart autonomy’s journey into the mainstream.

Audi S8

While self-driving vehicles are still seen as somewhat dangerous by some people, they’re already being developed, demoed, and test driven on roads and highways around the world. Though the bugs haven’t been completely worked out, progress has been made.

Vehicles with self-driving kits have already been shown off at transportation exhibitions and technology conventions, as the world’s leading developers are becoming more confident in the capabilities of their autonomous automobiles.

Though these vehicles were once considered something only found in the pages of fantasy and futuristic books, they’re already becoming available for commercial sale. Individuals and businesses alike can benefit from examining this technology, as it holds many potential perks.

Which Self-Driving Cars Are the Best?

The quality of an autonomous car depends largely on its brand, its construction, and the way it is maintained. Taste and preference regarding autonomous vehicles is largely subjective, but there are a few popular models from big-name auto makers worth considering.

01. Volvo S90

This executive Sedan has been on the market since 2016. It became the flagship Sedan in Volvo’s inventory, and several different trims are available as well.

A 2.0-liter 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engine provides plenty of power under the hood, and the active cruise control makes semi-autonomous driving much safer. Advanced sensors all around the vehicle’s body monitor surrounding, detecting obstacles and helping alert the driver to anything that could be a hazard.

The city safety technology makes it easy for drivers to watch out for pedestrians, cyclists, and any other potential obstructions while they’re operating in the self-driving mode.

02. 2017 Audi A8

Audi’s 2017 A8 luxury Sedan is brimming with multiple high-end features that show off the company’s commitment to combining classic auto designs with new technology.

The 2017 Audi A8 offers drivers the chance to automate accelerating, braking, and stopping with the touch of a single button on the console. Designers accomplished this through the use of cameras, radar, and high-end sensors.

The vehicle’s autonomous mode does require a barrier separating the road a driver is on from any adjacent lanes of oncoming traffic. Different jurisdictions have different rules regarding this type of mode, so Audi owners are encouraged to research traffic laws before pressing that button.

03. Audi S8 2017

Audi’s S8 offers impressive construction and technology just like the A8. Going big with a V8 engine, the high-performance Sedan combines looks and functionality into a complete package.

Even though buying an Audio S8 in 2017 will usually require a person to spend over 100,000 USD, they also get adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go functionality with the car.

This means drivers can set cruise control and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them. The car can even brake automatically, to a standstill if necessary, to prevent accidents.

How Much Further Will Autonomy Go?

Finding self driving cars for sale is easier today than ever before – and it may only get easier from here.

With major names in the transportation industry already furthering their standing in the autonomous market, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the prominent automakers follow the trend.

Autonomous technology may improve to the point that cars are sent along their way without a driver ever stepping inside. That could be far off, but it is definitely closer now thanks to the efforts of names like Volvo and Audi.

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